The Western Australian Government has acquired the land for the Browse LNG Precinct and is currently completing strategic environmental and land planning approval requirements to establish a ‘project ready’ site.

The Browse LNG Precinct will be the only site for gas processing on the Kimberley coast. The government chose the site near James Price Point after it received advice from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that the environmental impacts of gas processing at this location could be effectively managed.

In February 2008, the Western Australian and Australian Governments entered into an agreement to undertake a strategic assessment of the precinct site under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and the Western Australian Environmental Protection Act 1986.

The Western Australian Government published the Strategic Assessment Report (SAR) in December 2010 to provide the public with the opportunity to comment on the strategic proposal. The state submitted the SAR and the Response to Submissions reports to the EPA in December 2011. 

An independent panel of the EPA has concluded an environmental assessment of the Precinct and has recommended that the strategic proposal may be implemented. For more information you can read the EPA's media statement or visit their website.

The Delegates' Report 1561 to the Minister for Environment was subject to a two-week public appeal period that closed on November 9, 2015.

The Office of the Appeals Convenor is currently preparing advice so the Minister for Environment can make a final determination with respect to the EPA panel's recommendations.

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