The Anketell Port is expected to be developed in stages, and environmental approvals have been granted to enable a first stage build accommodating an export capacity of 115 million tonnes per annum.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) recommended approved for the multi-user port in July 2012, subject to a number of comprehensive conditions that would guide construction of the project.

The EPA addressed numerous environmental factors when considering the proposal, including flora, vegetation, fauna, surface water, groundwater, noise, marine environment and air quality. Conditions imposed on the development include restricting impacts to seabed habitats from dredging, and undertaking State of the Marine Environment Surveys to monitor and report on potential changes during the construction phase of the project.

In May 2013, the Australian Government granted environmental approval to the project subject to a number of measures to mitigate environmental impacts. Included in these measures are the following six management plans:
  • a dredge environmental management plan
  • a marine fauna management plan
  • an environmental protection plan
  • a migratory birds offsets management plan
  • a blasting management plan (if required)
  • a decommissioning management plan

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