Below you will find legislation, supporting policies and documents that enable industry development in Western Australia.

Industry and Technology Development Act 1998 (ITD Act)

The Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade has responsibility for the ITD Act which is enabling legislation that encourages, promotes, facilitates and assists the development of industry, trade, science, technology and research in the State.

Western Australian Products Symbol Act 1972

The Minister for Commerce has responsibility for the Western Australian Products Symbol Act 1972 which is the enabling legislation that authorises the use of a prescribed symbol (the WA Birthmark symbol) to distinguish and promote the sale of products made in Western Australia.  

If you would like to discuss the use of the WA Birthmark symbol and/or to obtain a copy of the logo, please email:

Government Intellectual Property

Our department promotes the effective management of intellectual property by Government agencies in line with the Government Intellectual Property Policy, Financial Management Act 2005 and the State Trading Concerns Act 1916. Commercialisation of intellectual property is encouraged in conjunction with the business community.

The existing framework for sharing of benefits with innovators, Encouraging Innovation By Government Employees continues to apply where an agency's legislation does not have explicit guidance.

Bio-discovery legislation

Molecules, chemicals and enzymes that derive from native flora, fauna and microbes are used to identify new pharmaceutical products, industrial chemicals or advanced materials. 

Significant work is being undertaken by our department to progress bio-discovery legislation to enable discovery and commercialisation of new biologically derived products. 

Once progressed through Parliament, the legislation will play an important role in creating the business environment for this industry to grow, while continuing to protect the environment

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