In 2015 Western Australia accounted for 69 per cent of Australia’s and eight per cent of the world's liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.

The State’s conventional gas resources are estimated to be more than 130 trillion cubic feet, while oil and natural gas liquids reserves are estimated to be at around 1700 million barrels. Shale gas resources in the Perth, Carnarvon and Canning Basins are estimated to be between 91 and 193 trillion cubic feet, while an estimated 86 trillion cubic feet of tight gas resources are contained in the Perth and Canning Basins.

Annual LNG production capacity is expected to grow from 20.6 million tonnes to approximately 50 million tonnes by 2018, which is when Australia's total LNG export capacity will reach 87 million tonnes per annum, the largest of any country.

Western Australia currently has $138.3 billion of resource projects and infrastructure in the pipeline, including $94.1 billion worth of projects under construction or committed and a further $44.3 billion under consideration.

Western Australia’s proximity and its reputation as a reliable supplier to major LNG markets have resulted in over 900 companies that service the oil and gas industry – many of which are global and local partnerships –operating from offices in Perth.

Investment opportunities exist in various sectors, including subsea and marine, unconventional gas, training and skills, operations and maintenance, engineering, design and fabrication, and research and innovation.

As the closest capital city to the Indian Ocean rim regions of south Asia and East Africa, Perth also makes an ideal base for companies considering opportunities in the region.