About the Defence Science Centre Collaborative Research Grant

The Defence Science Centre (DSC) Collaborative Research Grant (CRG) provides funding to enable industry and or Defence Science Technology Group to undertake collaborative research with DSC member universities to facilitate defence-relevant research collaboration between universities, industry, DST and Defence organisations; and connect SMEs to research and expertise in order to strengthen SME participation in defence business. The CRG will help address the financial barriers to collaboration and can assist to position WA universities and industry to win opportunities for further research or development opportunities.

Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. The DSC makes no provision to approve or to fully fund every proposal submitted to the grant scheme. The DSC reserves the right to reject proposals without consideration.

Nature of CRG Activities

The DSC CRG supports defence-relevant research. Requests for funding should be in the order of $50k to $150k, but requests outside of this range will be considered where there is a compelling business case. Examples of ways in which the CRG funds can be applied include project services and consumables; access to facilities (e.g. bench fees or workshop costs); and/or to support or employ research and technical staff. The lead participant (applicant) is responsible for ensuring that any legal agreements and Intellectual Property arrangements that may be needed to support collaboration with their activity partners are established before finalising a DSC Collaborative Research Funding Agreement.

CRG funds cannot be used for teaching relief, student fees or publication costs. Investigators seeking stipend support for students should apply for a DSC Higher Degree Student Grant.

Selection Criteria

In general, funding proposals that are desirable to a potential Defence or National Security Sponsor and are viable and feasible are supported. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis subject to prioritisation and available funding. DSC Collaborative Research Assessment Criteria.

Technology Themes

The technology theme for this round of grants is:

Getting Help

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

If you require other assistance or guidance to complete this application, or support to connect with potential collaboration partners please email the DSC team at dsc@jtsi.wa.gov.au. We will respond to your email within two working days, or for urgent assistance please call (08) 9222 0555.

Submitting your Application

All applications to DSC are to be made via the DSC Collaborative Research Grant Application sent by email to dsc@jtsi.wa.gov.au. No other way of submission will be accepted.

Closing and Timeframes

Submissions are to be received by 1pm on 2 July 2020. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date and time.

Approved applicants will be advised during the week commencing 10 August 2020.


telephone: (08) 6277 3000
email: dsc@jtsi.wa.gov.au