The Australia-China Natural Gas Technology Partnership Fund, (the Fund) , is a joint initiative of the Western Australian Government, the Commonwealth Government and North West Shelf Australia LNG (comprising Woodside Energy Ltd (Operator), BHP Billiton Petroleum Pty Ltd, BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd, Chevron Texaco Australia Pty Ltd, Japan Australia LNG Pty Ltd and Shell Development (Australia) Pty Ltd.)

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is the Chinese partner to the Fund.

The Fund’s day-to-day operations are jointly managed by Secretariat Directors based in Perth and Beijing.

An Executive Council oversees the Fund, its members are:
• Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science
• Minister from the National Development and Reform Commission
• WA Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade
• Senior representative of the North West Shelf Venture partners

Funding is derived from contributions from the Western Australian State Government, the Australian Federal Government and the North West Shelf Joint Venture Partners.

The Fund has supported a range of activities which provide opportunities for training, research and technology transfer between Australia and China in the Natural Gas and LNG industry.

Key objectives are:
• Expand knowledge and information about the natural gas industry including production, liquefaction, transport, re-gasification, distribution and end use, and engineering and procurement
• Expand knowledge and information about the application and use of natural gas as an energy resource at policy, legislative, regulatory, commercial and technical levels
• Increase international business management know-how in the natural gas industry, including international engineering and procurement experience.
• Create opportunities for professional and technical staff training and development and institution building related to the natural gas industry
• Broaden corporate and individual professional and technical networks related to the natural gas industry.

Natural Gas Technology Partnership Fund - Background