Western Australia is one of the world’s most diversified mineral and petroleum regions. The State is the world’s largest supplier of iron ore and lithium, the second largest supplier of LNG and is committed to becoming a global leader in supplying minerals used in making rechargeable batteries.

Iron ore profile

Western Australia’s iron ore industry is globally competitive, with large iron ore reserves, low cost supply and established long-term trade relationships with major Asian steel makers and trading companies.

LNG profile

Western Australia has an established and reliable LNG export industry, underpinned by large gas reserves and low operating costs. The State exports LNG to key markets in Asia, including Japan, China and South Korea.

Battery mineral profile

Global demand for rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems has been increasing. Western Australia has significant reserves of all the minerals used in making rechargeable batteries, including: lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and alumina. The WA Government’s Future Battery Industry Strategy aims to grow the industry in the State.  

Current Industry Profiles: