Revered plant scientist inducted into WA Science Hall of Fame

by WA Government News | Nov 24, 2017
  • Emeritus Professor John Pate inducted into Western Australian Science Hall of Fame
  • Professor Pate has been recognised for his contributions to plant science in WA 

Emeritus Professor John Pate has been officially inducted into the Western Australian Science Hall of Fame with a ceremony at Scitech.

At the ceremony, Science Minister Dave Kelly recognised Professor Pate for his contribution to plant science, particularly in legumes and native WA flora, as well as his efforts and enthusiasm for teaching and supervising students. 

He was head of The University of Western Australia's botany department from 1974 to 1986 and has published more than 500 books, reviews and research articles. 

His work has contributed to the understanding of plant adaptation to environmental stress, increased productivity of pastures and crops, and sustainable land use and management.

The WA Science Hall of Fame was established in 2007 to recognise exceptional contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Western Australia over an extended period.

Previous inductees include Professors Lyn Beazley and Fiona Stanley, as well as WA's Nobel Prize winning scientists, Professor Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren.

For more information, visit the WA Science Hall of Fame page.

Comments attributed to Science Minister Dave Kelly:

"Emeritus Professor John Pate has made a lasting contribution to the understanding and study of plants and even now in his 'retirement', he continues to publish research.

"His students recall him as relentless in the pursuit of knowledge about how plants worked and with an energy, enthusiasm and humour which engaged and inspired many.  
"It's important to celebrate our fantastic scientists and to promote their contribution, and the WA Science Hall of Fame honour board at Scitech provides inspiration to thousands of young people and visitors each year.

"The State Government understands it is vital to engage young people in STEM fields as soon as possible, as we know these skills are critical to the jobs of the future."

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