The floating dock is an integral part of the Australian Marine Complex's common-use infrastructure and has assisted many industry sectors to deliver major projects. Since commissioning in February 2010, the dock has lifted over 100 vessels for the defence, marine, oil and gas, and mining sectors.

Measuring 99 metres x 53 metres, the AMC floating dock can lift vessels up to 12,000 tonnes out of the water for service and maintenance and transfer vessels up to 4,000 tonnes onto a hard-stand.

The dock services the Royal Australian Navy vessels including the Collins submarines and ANZAC frigates.

Currently all WA based RAN vessels, except the support ship HMAS Sirius, can be docked at the AMC.

Special features of the floating dock include:

  • The Dock interfaces with wharf to permit transfer of ships to and from dock
  • State of the art control system
  • Manoeuvring capability to move dock from wharf to dredge pocket

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